I have been taking photos since I started borrowing my parent's SLR in elementary school — even starting a little business taking class photos of my fellow students in my summer program. In high school, I monopolized the family SLR on all of our family trips, and began developing my film in the school darkroom. Once I started at university, I got my first DSLR and began taking photos as often as I could. I have always been self-taught, and have learned a lot since I started taking it more seriously in recent years.

Today, I mostly shoot when we travel, and while I especially enjoy setting up the tripod to take nice landscape shots at sunrise and sunset, I also do a lot of more casual shooting while walking through cities and nature. More recently, I have become quite interested in wildlife photography, despite our travels not taking us to wildlife-rich destinations as often as I would like. I do occasionally enjoy taking portraits of less-wild life like humans, but do not typically seek out those subjects.

I hope you enjoy looking through some of my favorite photos here. Unfortunately, while I update this section occasionally, it will never be as up-to-date as the travel blog that my wife and I maintain, so for more photos (and more context), we would love to see you at walkandalie.com.

I am available for hire or for assignments – please get in touch if you are interested. I have been honored to have my photos featured in several publications – for information about licensing my images, please contact me.